We will introduce you to some examples when the BDDiagrams application gets into work.


Card Visit is simple, it is a piece of paper with a short name, position, job, phone number, etc. Basic information, but necessary to introduce a person, a company or a team organization, to introduce people, organizations and other partners. When customers ask for your information! How would you feel when you had to run, run and find a pen and a piece of paper to write down your contact information? Definitely more impressive if you give customers a unique business card.

Sample Card Template

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Postcard, or postcard, is a rectangular piece of paper or cardboard that contains text that conveys the meaning of a message, which can be used to give away from a distance, or simply to be given by acquaintances without envelopes. Each postcard has a special meaning, through images and words, expressing the message that the giver wants to send.

Sample Postcard Template

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